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8 Best Shoe Colors To Wear With A Light Blue Dress

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Wearing a light blue dress to an event and don’t know how to style it? If so, check out this style guide about the best color shoes to wear with a light blue dress.

Light blue is a gorgeous color to wear at weddings or even at cocktail parties for its dainty, powdery hue. Light blue is also a symbol of innocence, and it is a calming color that is said to promote tranquility. Because it is pleasing to the eyes, light blue can be worn or used in large amounts.

However, when you wear a light blue dress, what shoe color should you wear? There are many colors that go well with light blue.

One of the most popular is the color white because it’s not too dissimilar from light blue and because it’s a neutral color that complements everything on the color wheel. It also has a fresh, clean look to it.

Another good option would be other neutral colors like beige or nude heels. If you want to be a little bolder, you can always try wearing a shoe in one of these colors: blue, tangerine or gold!

If you are wearing a light blue dress during winter, black tights and boots also look great with this light color.

What shoe color you wear with a light blue dress is ultimately up to your own preference and the event you will be attending. Just make sure that the color you choose for your shoes complements the overall look of your outfit.

With such a versatile color like light blue, the options are practically endless! So have fun with it and mix different shades together to see what looks best on you.

To make things easier, we put together a style guide on the 8 best shoe colors to wear with a light blue dress. All of the shoes featured below are completely shoppable, so if you see something you like, just click on the photo and it will take you right on the retailer’s website to order!

Time to grab your favorite blue dress and find you the perfect shoes for your outfit!

The Best Color Shoes To Wear With A Light Blue Dress

1. White Shoes

White shoes are the safest bet when it comes to choosing shoes to pair with your dress. White, off-white and cream shoes paired with light blue will create a cozy, slightly nautical aesthetic that’s very pleasing to the eye.

White shoes will match any light blue dress and, and they will look clean and polished, especially during formal events. If you’re looking for a more casual look, go with a white sneaker or loafer. For something dressier, try a patent leather pump or sandal.

If your light blue dress has lace or bead details, then wearing a white understated shoe would be the perfect way to show that off!

2. Nude Shoes

Nude is another great option to pair with light blue. Nude shoes are our go-to’s for almost any outfit, as they complement most skin tones and often elongate your legs if done right.

This color is also so versatile that it can be worn on different occasions throughout the day or night. It’s also a good option if you’re going to a semi-casual event like a garden party.

3. Silver Shoes

Another great shoe color to wear with a light blue dress is silver. As an accent, silver looks great on any outfit and has the power to take your look from blah to WOW.

So, what better way to make a statement than pairing silver heels with your light blue dress? Just like white and nude, this pairing will create that cohesive look you want!

If you prefer comfort over style, then slip into some comfy loafers or sneakers in silver and pair them up with your pretty dress, and voila – You’re all set to go!

4. Gold Shoes

Gold is also another great option to wear with a light blue dress. When paired with light blue, gold can really stand out and create a gorgeous and sophisticated ensemble.

Like we mentioned before, a pair of metallic shoes can look really chic and glamorous, if done right! You can opt to go all by wearing a pair of gladiator flats or strappy stilettos for a formal look, or even some studded booties if it’s wintertime.

Golden shoes are just a really great choice to pair with any blue color. For a more modern twist on this classic combo, opt for rose gold shoes instead.

5. Black Shoes

Black shoes are always a great option when it comes to formal occasions. A classic pair of black shoes will never go out of style and is perfect for any formal event, especially since most people already own a pair.

Black also looks great with light blue because it contrasts well against the pale hue. You can wear anything from a simple ballet flat to a dressy sandal in black to complete your look. Just make sure to balance the look with a matching black clutch or evening bag.

6. Lavender / Lilac Shoes

If you want to add a softer touch to your outfit, try pairing it with a light purple shoe.

Lavender or lilac shoes will look dreamy and romantic when worn together with light blue, and fit the popular y2k aesthetic that has come back in style in the past years. You can choose from flats, sandals, pumps or even booties in this color!

7. Blue Shoes

Light blue can be matched with a good range of colors, which of course includes shades from its own color family.

For example, navy blue is a great color that you can wear with a light blue dress. It’s one of those colors that will look good on just about any skin tone, and is easy to wear with multiple different outfits.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a real pop of color, opt for royal blue or cobalt blue shoes that will instantly electrify your appearance. A pair of ballet flats, lace-up booties or even boat shoes in this shade will all look fabulous!

8. Tangerine Shoes

Lastly, what about tangerine? Tangerine is another great way to add some pizzazz into your look! Pair your statement tangerine shoes with a light blue dress and you’ll be glowing like the sun.

A pair of shoes in this vibrant color will complement any light blue outfit perfectly, and look stunning during the summer months.

If you have a casual outfit, you can even opt for orange sandals, sneakers or loafers if you want to add a pop of color without making your outfit too extravagant.

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