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7 Jackets and Coats To Complete Your Fall Look

Earth, Wind & Fire’s “21st of September” has officially passed, and Autumn is here! One of the best seasons, in my opinion, because the chill allows for stylish layers with gorgeous accessories. Sometimes it’s hard to find the jacket or coat that speaks to you. Here are some jackets and coats that are gorgeous and may whisper to you just in time for fall and that fire ensemble you have waiting.

She’s On Fire

This is giving salt of the earth, rust and stunning! Furry jackets and coats are sublime. From Chic And Curvy it’s on sale for just $78! This would smash with other earth tones like greens. Black would also mix beautifully. This coat could be the splash of color that makes the entire outfit.

Business Or pleasure? Why not both!

Who What Wear does chic with their too cool style flawlessly. Precisely the vibe I get from chic! This pea coat would be perfect with a dress that hugs the curves, or a dress that flows out bohemian style. And, it’s affordable at only $70!

A good drape is hard to find. But this cream-colored blazer pulls it off, and for under $200. Yes, a little on the pricier end; however if you have the money to treat yourself, do it! You deserve!

fall is in the air

This is Fall! The autumnal russet look is giving mystery and fire! And for under $100. Can style it similar to the model, or opt for a dress with some knee-high boots for a night on the town with friends!

I used to avoid ponchos, but now I know they’ve gotten a bad rap. Look at this! Chic and Curvy delivers gorgeous and I love when clothing has the ability to be dressed up or down. In jeans, we get the casual, laidback, with a hint of fun. In a thigh or knee-length dress with heels, we get professional party mingler! All of that for only $69!

party or on the go

When you mix the proper abstract patterns with a solid, choirs rejoice! This kimono jacket from Ashely Stewart looks stunning with all black! Casual girls get together, but it works for any and all occasions! And right now there’s a special offer of 40% off! I’m swooning! You can get this for under $30!

We don’t always have to be dressed to party or enter a boardroom. We can be casual and still serve with an “I’m not trying but I know I bring all the sauce” relaxed. This looks perfect because it still gives fashion and the buttons and zippers detail elevates it! And it’s only $40.

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