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7 Horror Movies To Binge In Spooky Season

Halloween is chills, frights, and fun! It’s during the best season with ample activities to do; adorn costumes, carve jack-o-lanterns, eat yummy chocolatey goodness, and watch horror films with friends. But there are so many films to watch, how does one choose? I got you! From slow burns to all-out frights, here’s a list of horror films to binge—preferably with the lights out!

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7 Horror Movies To Binge This Halloween


Censor Trailer from Magnet Pictures & Magnolia Releasing via Youtube

First up is the muted tone and creeping dread of Censor, which I reviewed. It follows Enid, who works as a censor in the 80s, banning video nasties too graphic for general audiences. But when she watches a film familiar to her childhood experience where her sister went missing, she embarks on a journey to find answers and spirals. Censor is an eerie good time to stream on Hulu.

Fear Street Trilogy

Fear Street Film Trilogy from Netflix via Youtube

If you think this is a teen spoopy horror, abandon such notions now. This trilogy of fright-filled gore movies is based on the Fear Street series of books created by R.L. Stine. A group of teens winds up wrapped in the evil that has plagued their town for centuries, and it’s up to them to stop the cycle of murder and mayhem. The three films are wonderful!

Watch each one on Netflix and hope, like I do, that they will make another trilogy film set or series down the line!

Werewolves Within

Werewolves Within trailer from IFC Films via Youtube

If comedic horror is more your style, I can’t recommend Werewolves Within enough. The dialogue is hilarious, the horror graphic and the Clue-style mystery are top-notch. This film is an adaptation of a video game about a werewolf wreaking havoc in a small town. They have to band together to stay alive and find the werewolf in their ranks. Definitely fun if you like your Halloween season more spoopy than spooky. It’s available to rent or buy on AppleTV, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, Youtube, and more.


Candyman trailer from Universal Pictures via Youtube

This Candyman is more stylish than its predecessor with the social commentary and scares. However, the horror rises as artist Anthony McCoy tries to unravel the mystery of Candyman in a now-gentrified Cabrini Green. The mythos surrounding Candyman is expanded, and I need a sequel since there’s more to explore here. It’s available to rent on Amazon Prime Video.

Untitled Horror Movie

Untitled Horror Movie trailer from JoBlo Horror Trailers via Youtube

More spoopy fun if you like comedy with your horror. Untitled Horror Movie is meta-hilarity. Costars gather via video call as their show is about to be canceled and decide to shoot their own horror film but release an evil force. Untitled Horror Movie has a cast of recognizable talent from shows like Umbrella Academy, The Vampire Diaries, and Arrow. The dialogue and infighting are the best parts, so watch if you need a laugh with minimal scares. Available to enjoy on Amazon Prime Video, Tubi, AppleTv, Vudu, Google Play, and Youtube.

The Djinn

Djinn trailer from IFC Films via Youtube

Djinn uses limited space to ratchet up terror. A mute boy, Dylan, is trapped in his apartment with a creature after he makes a wish and has to survive till the time runs out. Kids in danger are always terrifying, but if you’re hiding from something vicious in a small apartment, lord help you! Available on Amazon Prime Video, Youtube, Vudu, AppleTv, and the list goes on!

Black As Night

Black As Night trailer from Amazon Prime Video via Youtube

Teenage Shawna has issues with her appearance thanks to the colorist attitudes of those around her. Now she has to find her strength as she, her best friend, her crush, and a rich white girl have to fend off vampires in New Orleans. This is another spoopy fun story that combines real-world issues, horror, and comedy…mostly comedy. Watch it and the other four films from the Welcome to the Blumhouse collection on Amazon Prime Video.

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