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7 Best Shoe Colors To Wear With A Green Dress

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When styled right, green is a gorgeous color to wear on different occasions. So, we made a guide on the best shoe colors to wear with a green dress!

Green is an elegant and rich color that is typically associated with wealth, freshness, ambition, and energy.

It is also one of the most popular colors to wear on special occasions, with emerald green being the ideal choice for elegant dresses. There’s something so sophisticated about wearing a dark green dress at formal events.

There are different shades of the color green, which can make it quite tricky to pair with certain shoe colors. While bold colors like dark green are associated with elegance, light colors like lime green or light green might make you think about springtime.

If you are wondering what color shoes to wear with your green dress or outfit, then this article is for you! Below, we dive deeper into each of the options and explore why they are great choices.

If you are trying to figure what color shoes to wear with a green dress, it is important that you choose the right ones. Otherwise, your outfits won’t match and they will clash.

You want to find something that compliments the tones in the outfit in the right way. Picking out what color shoe can be tough if you don’t know much about color theory, or what colors compliment each other best.

What Color Shoes To Wear With A Green Dress

1. Black Shoes

One of the best color shoes to wear with green dresses is (of course) black shoes. Black is always in style and will go well with just about any outfit. It looks great against other dark colors as well, so it’s perfect when paired with a deep, dark green like emerald or forest green.

If you’re going to a formal event, then high heels such as black pumps or black strappy sandals would go great no matter what style your green dress is.

2. White Shoes

Another popular color choice is white. When in doubt, always go for neutral colors that can be paired with any shade there is. If you are looking for something fun or casual then go for a pair of white sandals!

While you can pair white with any tone of green, white shoes are quite summerish, and for that reason, we recommend pairing this color with a lighter shade of green. Pastel green, sage green and lime green are just some examples that go well with this color.

For a casual look, pair your green t-shirt dress with white sneakers. So simple and clean, yet super chic!

3. Tan / Brown Shoes

Brown is a less popular color to wear with a green dress, but it still works nonetheless! Dark brown shoes might not work with bright colors like lime green, but it is gorgeous and subtle when paired with emerald green!

Brown shoes are a great choice to wear if you have an extravagant dress on you and you want all eyes on it instead of on your feet.

4. Nude Shoes

If you don’t want a shoe color that is too bright or bold, then nude may be the perfect color for you. Nude heels and flats will look great against the green colors of your dress, no matter what shade of green it is.

Skin tone colors are the best choice to pair with any green shades (or any color, really), as they visually elongate your legs. So, make sure to have a pair of nude pumps and nude sandals in your wardrobe.

5. Gold Shoes

If you are looking for a non-standard shoe color that will look great as an accessory, then gold may be what you want!

Gold heels and flats can really make your outfit pop. If you’re looking for an outfit for a New Year’s Eve or Christmas party, the green and gold combination is a good choice to have. Emerald green looks extra gorgeous when paired with gold!

However, don’t forget to pair everything with gold accessories like necklaces and earrings.

6. Silver Shoes

Another shoe color to wear with a green dress is silver. When it comes to pairing silver with green dresses, in our opinion you have slightly more options than gold. Yes, silver will look great with emerald green, but it will also work wonderfully with lighter shades of green, as it’s a rather light shade itself.

To really make you outfit pop, style these shoes with a matching silver bag, like the crystal-covered Prada Re-Edition bag!

7. Animal Print Shoes

Last but not least, if you want to be adventurous, then animal print shoes are the way to go! Animal print is super trendy right now and will look great when paired with what you are wearing.

Leopard flats or heels are the perfect color shoes to wear with a green dress, as it is technically a neutral color.

For an edgy look, wear a pair of snake-print ankle boots with your green midi dress, and complete the entire look with a black leather jacket.

We hope you found this article about the best shoe colors to wear with a green dress informative! For more fashion ideas, check out the related fashion posts below.

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