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7 Best Shoe Colors To Wear With A Black Dress

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Having trouble finding the perfect shoes for your LBD? If so, here are the best shoe colors to wear with a black dress.

The black dress is a timeless piece that should be a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. They are so easy to wear and so easy to style! Black dresses can be worn to a formal event, or even on a casual day.

Since black is a neutral color, it is quite easy to pair it with many other colors of shoes. Just like how black shoes go well with different colors of outfits and dresses, it is also the other way around. In this style guide, we will go through the best shoe colors to pair with a black dress, as well as the types of shoes to wear if you want to make a bold statement.

We all know what it’s like to go shoe shopping. It can be so difficult to find what you’re looking for because the selection is just too big!

The good news is that there are lots of affordable shoe options online, so if you are looking for something specific, you can typically find it much quicker from home than browsing in stores. So, as long as you know what color and what style to go for, it shouldn’t take you too long to land the perfect shoe.

So, what is the best shoe color to wear with a black dress? Well, there are many footwear options and shoe styles that you can wear with a black outfit.

Whether you’re going for an elegant look or just a casual style, there’s almost an endless number of options, but we’re here to help you narrow your search. So, let’s jump into it!

The Best Shoe Colors To Wear With A Black Dress

1. Black Shoes

Black on black is a classic combination if you’re going for a formal, monochrome look. It’s especially fitting for black-tie affairs, weddings, or other events where the dress code requires “formal wear”.

For these types of events, there’s seldom anything sexier than a pair of black high heels! If you’ve decided on wearing a black dress with black heels, you might want to bring a silver clutch with you, or any other clutch with a pop of color.

For a more adventurous styling option, you may also consider bringing a clutch that’s either green, blue, red, fuchsia, or yellow.

Much like the iconic little black dress, a pair of black boots or Chelsea boots should be a staple in every women’s wardrobe too. These are perfect for more casual events!

2. Red Shoes

Believe it or not, red is one of the most universal colors to go with dresses because it reflects well against almost every skin tone. If possible, try to find some red heels that have an interesting design on them instead of just being plain old solid red all over!

Since fall season is in full swing, you might want to wear your black sweater dress with a pair of red knee-high boots or thigh-high boots!

If you’re going to a cocktail party, a pair of flirty red lace-up heels are the perfect choice.

3. Nude Shoes

Nude shoes (or beige shoes) are another great choice when you’re not sure what color shoes to wear with a black dress. This color choice is appropriate for both casual and formal events alike.

Nude tones are a great option and a classic choice, really, if you want to go for a subtle yet chic look. If you have a gorgeous, attention-grabbing black dress on you, then these are the perfect shoes to complement it!

4. Bright & Colorful Shoes

As black is a color that goes with everything, why not have a little fun and inject some color into your outfit? It honestly doesn’t matter which vibrant color you choose to go with: black goes with hot pink, bright blue, gorgeous greens, royal purple, and many other shades of the rainbow, just pick your favorite!

These colors work best for events where you want to make a statement, such as weddings, formal events and even cocktail parties. Of course, if you’re not wearing heels, colorful ballerinas work amazingly well for daytime activities too.

You can choose to pair your bag with the shoes, or simply go with a black bag and let the shoes do all the working. Both styles look incredibly chic!

5. Brown Shoes

Brown shoes (or tan shoes) are what you wear when the dress code states “business casual.” It’s a good choice if you’re going to an office event and there isn’t anything too formal about it.

To spice your outfit up, you can also go for shoes with animal prints such as snake print or tortoise patent shoes! Hey, who says brown shoes are boring?

6. Silver Shoes

Black looks amazing when paired with metallic shoes such as silver, or even metallic grey. The best thing about silver is that it will add a lot of pizzazz and personality to your outfit, which is why you’ll notice that silver shoes are always present in style guides like these.

For a casual look, wear a pair of silver ballet flats together with your little black dress. Switch it up with an attention-grabbing pair of stiletto heels when going to a night party, and you’re all set!

7. Gold Shoes

Like silver, golden shoes also look amazing when paired with black outfits. Gold has a warmer tone compared with silver and is something that is ideally worn in warmer seasons. If you have a black sundress on you, go for a pair of gold strappy sandals!

Rose gold is also very trendy right now, and it’s a very romantic shade that is a great alternative to the usual gold. Make sure to add a nice pair of rose gold heels to your closet so you can wear them anytime!

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