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7 Best Budget Mattresses 2022: Good-Quality, Cheap Mattresses

You don’t have to blow your life savings (and have sleepless nights about it!) on good-quality slumber with the best affordable mattresses. Some of the best memory foam mattresses, hybrid or spring-based mattresses, even from the well-known sleep tech brands like Emma and Eve Sleep, come in at under £500.

Getting good-quality sleep is underrated, and while we we all know about the effects of poor sleep – poor focus, zero motivation, and the ability to come down with a cold just by looking at a Lemsip bottle – not many of us know what to do if we’re not getting enough of it. 

Buying an affordable mattress could be the answer to your woes, since it has the power to relieve your joints of pressure, ensure you wake up less, move about less and feel less disturbed by your partner. And luckily, having a smaller budget doesn’t mean you have to cut corners with your sleep health. But where to start when it comes to finding the best cheap mattress for you? Settle in under your duvet, perch your head on that fluffy pillow and allow us to reveal all.

Consider support

Whether it’s memory foam or 1,000 springs helping you get your beauty sleep, Silentnight’s sleep expert, Hannah Shore says the first thing to look at is the type of support you need in your budget mattress.

“Finding the right mattress that suits your body type and enables you to have a well-rested nights’ sleep is a must. We have no control over our spinal alignment throughout the night, so finding the right level of support will help your spine to be aligned in a more neutral position throughout the night.” The wrong level of support will mean you wake up with aches and pains in the morning – never the right way to start your day.

“The support will usually come from the spring unit (or high-density foam) that is in the mattress,” Hannah said. “Look for how the springs are made up: a pocket spring will give you a more tailored support layer, however a continuous coil may offer you the right level of support for your body type and are often cheaper. The bigger your frame, the firmer your supportive layer needs to be.”

The best mattresses on the market in 2022, because your lack of sleep could be due to what you’re kipping on

Memory foam, spring or hybrid?

Unless you’re a dedicated sleep technology expert (yes, that’s a real job!), it can get confusing when shopping for a cheap mattress. How does memory foam support you? What even is a hybrid?

Memory foam is a layer of foam that moulds with your body shape, helping to distribute your body weight, while responding to your body temperature. “The benefits of memory foam are that it is very durable so easy to care for as it won’t need turning as often,” says Hannah.

“It also offers great pressure relief. But the downsides are that people tend to find foam very warm, even the cooling ones, this is because they are not as breathable as some of the other materials used.”

Springs have been used more traditionally since the late 1800s to provide support for mattresses. Most spring-based beds today are supported by pocket springs – small wire springs, surrounded by fabric, which help to support and create the bounce in a mattress. And you’ve guessed it – a Hybrid mattress is when these two forms of support are mashed together to allow for the benefits of both.

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