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5 Best ancestry DNA test kits (2022): Discover your family history and who you really are

If you’ve ever wondered if there was more to your family’s history, or maybe you’re just curious to know who you are in more detail – if that’s you, read on as we’ve rounded-up the top five ancestry DNA test kits to buy in 2022

Find out your family history and more with an ancestry DNA test kit

Our curiosity to know exactly who we are has significantly increased thanks to the popularity of UK TV shows Long Lost Family and Who Do You Think You Are?

To discover who we really are requires some digging, and there’s only so much that our relatives can tell us about our ancestors and where we are from, dating back so far.

This is why ancestry DNA test kits have never been so popular, and buying one then taking the test has never been so easy – but with so many kits on the market, how do we know which are the best ones for our specific needs?

There are so many reasons why one would want to take a DNA test – from finding out about our family history to building a family tree, finding relatives, learning more about our health, finding out about our ethnicity and where in the world we hail from.

What does DNA actually mean?


  • The carrier of genetic information
  • The fundamental and distinctive characteristics or qualities of someone or something, especially when regarded as unchangeable.

How does an ancestry DNA test kit work?

Ancestry DNA test kits are very easy to use. They will usually come in a small flat box with all the equipment you’ll need, including the instructions.

You will either be required to provide a saliva sample or a cheek swab that will go into a secure container. Then all you have to do is send it off in pre-paid packaging, or you’ll need to package and pay for postage yourself, which is usually the cost of a first class stamp.

You’ll need to activate your account on the provider’s website, which is where you will find your re results will

How long do the results take?

Every provider is different- but in general it will take from 4 to 8 weeks to receive results.

What will you discover?

There’s lots to discover once you’ve taken the Ancestry DNA test and received your results, but the information you receive will all depend on how much you are willing to spend and which provider you choose.

A basic test will give you DNA matches, allowing you to meet new relatives who have also taken the test. A slight upgrade from this may let you build a family tree based on those DNA matches and adding relatives you already know.

There is also the opportunity to get an insight into your traits like freckles, your ability to run fast, your fitness levels, the thickness of your hair and even your birth weight.

Then there’s the ones that will give you a report on your health genetics, giving you an indication of what diseases you may be more prone to and whether you’re a carrier of diseases such as Sickle Cell Anemia and Cystic Fibrosis.

DNA ancestry test kits available to buy

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Best ancestry DNA test kits 2022

1. AncestryDNA

Best for building a family tree

AncestryDNA Test Kit – £79

Method: Saliva sample

Test results: 6-8 weeks

AncestryDNA has a number of offers that include building your family tree, accessing records and seeing all those with matching DNA, but how much you have access to all depends on how much you’re willing to spend.

  • The AncestryDNA kit will give you a breakdown of the Origins + Ethnicity estimate, plus all of your DNA matches, allowing you to see anyone you’re related to who has also taken the test.
  • The AncestryDNA + 3-month Worldwide Membership will also give you results on Origins + Ethnicity estimate, DNA matches, but will also give you access to UK, Ireland, and all International records on Ancestry
  • The AncestryDNA + Traits will give you all the above mentioned plus Traits that will allow you to discover clues in your DNA about the many traits you may have – such as why you have freckles, why you love and hate particular foods. Your endurance fitness, your birth weight, the thickness of your hair and so much more. Discover clues in your DNA about all of these and so much more and see how they relate to the geographic regions in your AncestryDNA results, while comparing traits with anyone else who purchased traits.

It is worth noting that AncestryDNA Traits is not intended to diagnose health conditions and is not a substitute for medical advice.

Buy now from Ancestry from ( £79.00 ).

2. 23andMe

Best for an insight into your health genetics

23andMe DNA Test Kit – £79

Method: Saliva sample

Test results: 3-4 weeks

If you want to gain some insight into your health genetics then this may be the DNA test kit for you.

23andMe will not only look into your DNA + Traits but it will also give you some indication of your health genetics too. It will give you 65+ health reports including:

  • Health Predisposition Report which is information as to whether you are at risk of conditions such as Alzheimer’s Disease and Type 2 Diabetes.
  • Carrier Status Report indicating whether you are a carrier of diseases such as Sickle Cell Anemia, Cystic Fibrosis and even hereditary hearing loss.
  • The Wellness Report will give some explanation as to why you’re such a deep sleeper, and if you’re destined to be lactose intolerant and how much genetic weight plays a part? You’ll get all this with the 23andMe DNA test.

Buy now from 23andMe from ( £79.00 ).

3. MyHeritage

Best basic DNA test kit

MyHeritage DNA Test Kit – £79

Method: Cheek swab

Test results: 4 weeks

MyHeritage DNA test will reveal your unique ethnic background, and match you with newfound relatives.

There’s two types of DNA test kit that you can buy at MyHeritage, they include:

  • The MyHeritage DNA Kit that will give you discoveries of your origins across 2,114 regions, and also allow you to find new relatives through shared DNA.
  • The MyHeritage DNA Kit + 30-day Complete Free Trial will give you the same as the DNA test kit but you will also be able to uncover your family history, build your family tree, explore 16.3 billion historical records and access all photo tools and deep nostalgia.

If you’re looking for a test kit that has more information on your health genetics, this isn’t the test kit for you.

Buy now from MyHeritage ( £79.00 ).

4. DNA Living

Best for African, European, British sub regional breakdown

DNA Living, Prices start from £75

Method: Mouth swab

Test results: 6-8 weeks

Living DNA offers advanced ancestry DNA reports that deliver an enriched view of your ancestry from 80,000 years ago until more recent times.

Choose from:

  • The Full Ancestry Kit and get a full breakdown of the Subregional DNA breakdowns and your DNA today.
  • The Wellbeing Kit will give you some insight into the role genetics plays with your lifestyle choices and how you can optimise your wellbeing to improve the quality of your life. Find out how different foods, vitamins and exercises work with your body.
  • The Wellbeing & Ancestry Kit will give you all the above mentioned and lots more.

Buy now from Living DNA from ( £75.00 ).

5. Find My Past

Best for tracing British and Irish ancestry

Find My Past, prices start from £79

Method: Cheek swab

Test results: 6-8 weeks

Find My Past hones in on British and Irish family history. It doesn’t just look for the countries your DNA is found in, they will also look for common patterns, which give twice the level of detail of other ancestry DNA tests.

Using interactive maps, you will be able to track your ancestors’ migration from 80,000 years ago to today.

You’ll also get to explore your DNA results mapped across 150 global regions, including 21 in Britain and Ireland – find out where your British and Irish ancestors lived, and what they did.

Buy now from Find My Past ( £79.00 ).

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