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40 Best Grinch Christmas Decor Ideas For The Home

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Pay homage to a holiday classic by decorating your home with Grinch Christmas decor for the upcoming holiday season!

If you’re someone who loves color and bold prints, then chances are you’ll be decking out your home with colorful and adventurous decor. If you haven’t decided on a theme yet, we found some awesome Grinch Christmas decor that you will definitely love. There’s nothing like paying homage to a holiday classic than by decorating your house with a fun and unique theme!

The Grinch was known to be a naughty goblin who liked to stir up trouble, so if you’re looking to add some naughty and wicked details to your home, the best way is to sneak in some Grinch decor.

Making your own Grinch Christmas decor is relatively easy with the right equipment, and it’s a fun activity to do with your family. However, if that’s not your thing, then there are plenty of ready-made Grinch-themed decor items that you can find on Etsy, Walmart and other retailers! To save you the hassle, we found the best shoppable Grinch Christmas decor that we rounded up below just for you.

So, if you see something (or two) that you like, just click on the photo and it will take you right on the website to order.

Without further ado, let’s get started!


The Best Grinch Christmas Decor

1. Grinch Welcome Mat



Get this on Etsy


2. Grinch Hand


The Grinch Christmas tree decor


Get this on Etsy


3. Grinch Tiered Tray


Grinch Tiered Tray Decor


Get this on Etsy


4. Grinch Porch Sitter


Grinch Porch Sitter


Get this on Etsy


5. Glittery Grinch Baubles


Glittery Grinch Baubles


Get these on Etsy


6. Tree Topper


Cute green Grinch Christmas tree decorations with tree topper bow


Get this on Etsy


7. Grinch Garden Flag


The Grinch Garden Flag For Outdoor Christmas decorations


Get this on Etsy


8. Grinchmas Door Sign


Grinchmas Door Sign


Get this on Etsy


9. Grinch Candles


Green Grinch candles


Get this on Etsy


10. The Grinch Wreath


Red and green The Grinch Wreath


Get this on Etsy


11. Family 3D Farmhouse Sign


Family 3D Farmhouse Sign


Get this on Etsy


12. Grinch, Please!


Grinch, Please!


Get this on Etsy


13. Ew, People! Sign


Ew, People! Sign


Get this on Etsy


14. Stink, Stank, Stunk Blocks


Stink, Stank, Stunk Blocks


Get this on Etsy


15. Grinchmas Faux Coffee


Grinchmas Faux Coffee


Get this on Etsy


16. Peeking Grinch


Outdoor Peeking Grinch Yard Decor


Get this on Etsy


17. Mini Whoville Tree


The Grinch Mini Christmas Tree


Get this on Etsy


18. Grinch Door Hanger


Grinch Door Hanger


Get this on Etsy


19. Grinch Yard Signs


Grinch Christmas Yard Signs


Get this on Etsy


20. Green & Red Doormat


Red and green Grinch doormat for Christmas


Get this on Etsy


21. Merry Grinchmas!


Merry Grinchmas!


Get this on Etsy


22. Grinch Tree Decor


Grinch Tree Decor


Get this on Etsy


23. Grinch Christmas Wreath


Grinch Christmas Wreath


Get this on Etsy


24. Grinch Tree Ornaments 


Grinch Christmas Tree Ornaments 


Get this on Etsy


25. Grinchmas Countdown Blocks


Grinchmas Countdown Blocks


Get this on Etsy


26. “Grinch Farts” Scented Candle



Get this on Etsy


27. Grinch Candles


Grinch Candles


Get these on Etsy


28. Grinch Wood Block


Grinch Wood Block


Get this on Etsy


29. Hanging Grinch & Max


Hanging Grinch & Max


Get this on Etsy


30. Personalized Family Sign


Personalized Family Sign


Get this on Etsy


31. Grinch Tiered Tray Decor


Grinch Tiered Tray


Get this on Etsy


32. The Grinch Quote Sign


The Grinch Quote Sign


Get this on Etsy


33. Grinch Holiday Towels


Grinch Holiday Towels


Get this on Etsy


34. Grinch & Max Outdoor Decor


Grinch & Max Outdoor Decor


Get this on Wayfair


35. Peeping Grinch


Peeping Grinch


Get this on Etsy


36. Huge Grinch Figure


Huge Grinch Christmas Figure


Get this on Etsy

37. Whoville House


Whoville House


Get this on Etsy


38. Grinch Lollipops


Grinch Lollipop Decor


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39. Fuzzy Grinch Sock


Green Fuzzy Grinch Christmas Sock


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40. Red & Green Grinch Ornaments


Red & Green Grinch Ornaments


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Have you found your favorite decor from this list? We hope you did! If you’re still looking for more Christmas ideas, check out the posts down below.


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