3D Sudoku – Cross Platform Realistic 3D Puzzle Game

3D Sudoku – Cross Platform Realistic 3D Puzzle Game

Author: raizensoftPrice: $25

3D Sudoku - Cross Platform Realistic 3D Puzzle Game - 1


3D Sudoku is an enhanced design of the popular sudoku puzzle with beautiful and realistic 3d graphics.

Cross platform

The game works beautifully across all devices and platforms including desktop browsers, android and ios devices

Convertible mobile application

Using Cordova framework you can easily convert the game to mobile application and deploy the game on App Store or Play Store


  • Built with WebGL and three.js library
  • Multiple categories of photo items and numbers and ability to add your own categories via config file
  • Beautiful and realisc 3d game interface with sleek and modern design
  • Full source code and comprehensive build system using Grunt
  • Responsive design and adaptable to different screen size
  • Switch between images and numbers category
  • Extra game features: time tracking, hint and auto solve puzzle
  • Ability to shuffle the current board with new number placement
  • Easily convert to mobile game using Cordova framework
  • High quality soure code commenting
  • High quality documentation

Image Credits:unsplash.com

Video Credits:pexels.com

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