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39 Best 90s Movies – Nostalgic Nineties Films To Watch Now

The best 90s movies shape the way we dress to this day – featuring the original inspiration behind the Y2K looks we love to wear. There’s Clueless iconic co-ords, the spaghetti-strap red dress in She’s All That, Julia Roberts’ OTK boots a la Pretty Woman, the ubiquitous flares in Dazed & Confused, Uma Thurman’s timeless white button-down shirt in Pulp Fiction

They’re style references so prolific that you’d probably forgotten where they came from, but there’s nothing we love more than nostalgia, which is why we’re bringing you this round-up. These 90s movies aren’t just the ones that give us all the fashpo, they’re the ones we’ve watched time and time again, and never tire of.

We will never – and we mean never – not find 10 Things I Hate About You one of the funniest rom-coms, we’ll never not cry at tear-jerker Titanic – even though we know Jack’s definitely not coming back – and who wouldn’t want Hugh Grant in Four Weddings and a Funeral on a big screen? Then there are the film titles that have become phrases in our daily vocabularies without us realising, from Sliding Doors to Groundhog Day – talk about iconic.

Without further ado, then, here are 39 of the best 90s movies to both inspire your wardrobe, and get totally lost in.

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