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31 Long Bob & Lob Hairstyles To Style Your Hair

Or Charlotte Lawrence’s peach lob.

Or Jourdan Dunn‘s beautifully curly lob.

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In fact, we’re yet to meet a lob we didn’t like.

Here’s everything you need to know about the lob and how to style it to put you at ease.

What is a lob?

It’s a slightly longer version of bob, where the length sits just around your shoulders. Earl Simms, Kerluxe Celebrity Stylist, says, “The lob is such a popular style because it is a striking look, and yet you don’t have to commit to having short or long hair.”

“It’s easy to manage and allows plenty of room for different looks and styles. If you are used to shorter hair, a lob haircut will be a super easy alternative, allowing you to put it up for going to the gym or whenever you don’t feel like having it down.”

What to ask for at the hairdressers

The lob is now a well-known term and most hairdressers will know what you mean if you ask for this style of cut, but to be on the safe side, Earl says to ask “for a long bob that just skims the shoulders.” He also advises requesting a centre part for your cut. “This will ensure it is perfectly symmetrical, and afterwards, you will have the freedom to flip it to the other side if needed. However, for anyone with a cowlick that determines where their parting falls, they should be led by this instead.”

What about a lob with a fringe?

You can most definitely have a fringe with your lob. Earl says this looks especially flattering on round faces. But, a fringe will work for everyone and add your own twist, whether you prefer more of a ’70s curtain fringe, or a wispy French-girl fringe.

How to style a lob

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