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27 Best Moisturisers of 2022: Best Face Creams For Your Skin Type

Moisturiser is a staple in any good skincare routine. The right moisturiser should be like a cocooning, super soft cashmere blanket for your skin during the colder months and a lightweight linen cover-up for summer. Not only will the right moisturiser hydrate and leave your skin feeling refreshed with some well-chosen active ingredients, but it can make sure the serums, acids and mists you applied beforehand are maximised. 

Every step prior to your face cream can be made practically redundant if you forget to ‘lock it all in’ with a healthy slick of your favourite lotion to cushion your skin. Add to this the fact that, your makeup won’t sit as seamlessly unless you deal with those dry patches first, and you’ve got yourself a very solid case for investing in a high quality moisturiser.

The question is: how on Earth do you go about finding the best moisturiser for you? Which moisturiser is best for your skin type? Which skincare ingredient should you prioritise? Do you crave a hit of hyaluronic acid, or do you want to be served some extra SPF? Should your moisturiser include active ingredients, or should you leave those to your serums and masks? Should it be fragrance-free, oil-free and from the same brand as your cleanser? Oh, and what moisturiser do celebs use? Here’s everything you need to know, plus GLAMOUR’s edit of the 27 best moisturisers of all time.

Should I use moisturiser or a serum?

Moisturisers fortify the top layer of your skin, increasing hydration at the surface, while facial serums use active ingredients to penetrate the skin more deeply and target specific skincare concerns (like brightness, dark spots or ageing). Moisturisers and serums are the main way we can treat our skin to an injection of potent ingredients, and using both will only maximise the benefits. 

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Should I moisturise during the morning or night?

Both. For a day moisturiser, you should try and get some antioxidant action (vitamins A, B3, C or E) from your moisturiser so it’s always a good idea to look out for potent plant extracts such as resveratrol, as well as some level of SPF (you still need to apply an actual SPF, though). At night, should should use your night cream to incorporate a collagen-boosting retinoid, which is renowned for its rejuvenating, youth-boosting benefits.

Just remember: everyone’s skin concerns will differ slightly, so it’s worth working out what your skin loves to sip on, taking into account seasonal or hormonal changes.

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How do I choose the best moisturiser for my skin type?

Consider texture. If your skin is usually oily, stick to a really light lotion or something gel-based. If your complexion is quite dry and you suffer from dehydrated skin, consider a generous slather of something thicker. We’ve got more specific guides for each skin type down below: 

  • Best moisturiser for dry skin
  • Best moisturiser for combination skin
  • Best moisturiser for oily skin

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What is the best women’s moisturiser to buy? What brand of moisturiser is best?

For sustained hydration without that dreaded heavy/greasy feeling, reach for Drunk Elephant’s Lala Retro Whipped Cream. Available at Cult Beauty (bag yourself a Cult Beauty discount code here), it was voted for by over 100,000 women as their favourite moisturiser thanks to its lightweight formula and instant skin-transforming abilities. It’s infused with a blend of six antioxidant-rich African oils to heal and renew; plantain extract to promote firmness, density and elasticity whilst evening skin tone; fermented green tea to combat ageing and inflammation and moisture-boosting sodium hyaluronate crosspolymer to hydrate, smooth fine lines and wrinkles and stimulate collagen formation.

Elsewhere, the best moisturiser for lifting is the Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream, the best luxury moisturiser is La Mer’s Creme de La Mer, the best moisturiser for winter skin is Weleda’s Skin Food and the best moisturiser on a budget in the CeraVe Facial Moisturising Lotion

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After you’ve massaged in your moisturiser, don’t forget to gently dab on some eye cream (a caffeine eye cream, if you fancy), to complete your truly comprehensive skincare regime. 

Ready to find your perfect moisturiser match? We’ve trawled the beauty aisles, talked to the experts and tested tons of creams to bring you the ultimate round-up of best moisturisers – from brands like Paula’s Choice, La Roche Posay and Beauty Pie. Including beauty editor cult favourites to dermatologist-approved buys and under-the-radar gems your skin will love.

Here are the best moisturisers that really, truly do the job.

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