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25 Spooky Halloween Tree Ideas You’ll Want To Recreate This Year

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If you’re looking for a fresh spooky twist to your Halloween decor, check out these awesome Halloween tree ideas that you can easily recreate at home.

Turns out that Halloween trees are a thing, and they are worth trying out this Halloween season! If you’ve never heard of this unique concept, Halloween trees are basically Christmas trees that are decorated with loads of spooky decor and trinkets. 

It’s the perfect mix between spooky and festive, and it’s a one-of-a-kind decor that will surely gain lots of compliments from guests! Plus, you can easily transition from Halloween decor to Christmas decor in just an easy snap. 

So if you’re considering putting up a Halloween tree this year, we rounded up the best Halloween tree ideas we found from Instagram so you’ll get inspired! Get those creative juices flowing, and start working on your very own unique spooky tree.


The Best Halloween Tree Ideas

1. The Ultimate Spooky Tree by Rachael



Image via @spookythankfulmerry


2. Covered In Spiderwebs by Taylor


Spooky Halloween tree with spiderwebs


Image via @lifeonheritagehill


3. Ghostly Affair by Amanda Escoe


Cute pastel and white Halloween tree with ghosts


Image via @amandaescoe


4. Witchy Halloween by Sami


Purple Halloween tree with witch


Image via @sami_riccioli


5. Sweet & Spooky by Jessica Lighter


Cute pink Halloween tree with bat decorations


Image via @celebrationstylist


6. Black Upside Down Tree


Black upside down Halloween tree


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7. Pennywise Tree by Vince


Scary orange Pennywise Halloween tree decoration


Image via @halloweenherbivore


8. Pink & Striped Halloween Tree by Jenny Reimold


Pink & Striped Halloween Tree


Image via @jennyreimold


9. Mini Pumpkins Tree by Emily Jones


Cute Halloween tree with pumpkins


Image via @ohyeahem


10. Pumpkins Galore by Marsh


Orange Halloween tree with lots of pumpkins


Image via @halloweenhomemaker


11. Spooktacular Halloween Tree by Zamira Torres


Spooktacular Halloween Tree


Image via @zamiras.cozy.cottage


12. Halloween Pumpkin Tree by Rachael


Black Halloween tree with candy canes


Image via @spookythankfulmerry


13. Black & White by Kristyn


Black and white Halloween tree with skulls and bats


Image via @lillunakristyn


14. Black x Orange by Sam


Black and orange Halloween tree with pumpkins


Image via @halloweenhappy


15. Pink With Watermelon Pumpkins by Marsh


Cute pink Halloween tree with green watermelon pumpkins


Image via @halloweenhomemaker


16. Nightmare Before Christmas Tree by Corinne


Nightmare Before Christmas Tree


Image via @corinnes_concepts


17. Blinged Out Halloween Tree by Mia


Blinged Out Halloween Tree


Image via @miatcu


18. Haunted Halloween Tree by Sara Pistone


Haunted Halloween Tree


Image via @littlehauntedhome


19. Cute Halloween Tree by Jenny Reimold


Cute Halloween Tree


Image via @jennyreimold


20. White Halloween Tree by Hannah Rose


White Halloween Tree by Hannah Rose


Image via @hannahlucyrose


21. Ouija Board Halloween Tree by Andrew & Dennis


Ouija Board Halloween Tree


Image via @craftylumberjacks


22. Trick Or Treat Tree by Mrs. Osterglam


Trick Or Treat Tree by Mrs. Osterglam


Image via @mrs.osterglam


23. Spooktastic Skeleton Tree by Nicole


Spooktastic Skeleton Tree


Image via @spooktacularstyle


24. Minimalistic Halloween Tree by Manata


Minimalistic Halloween Tree


Image via @manata000


25. Pastel Halloween Tree by Ginny


Pastel Halloween Tree


Image via @making.main.street


Did this post inspire you? We hope it did! Let us know in the comments section of how you’re putting up your Halloween tree this season. If you’re still looking for more ideas, check the posts down below.


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