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25 Best Gym Leggings For Every Workout in 2022

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What kit should you not wear in the gym?

This is a simple one, really. The answer is: kit that wasn’t made for the gym. Gym kit should be something you feel good in. It shouldn’t rub, or itch and it should effortlessly wick sweat away from the skin, so you feel dry and comfortable, even when you’re going all-out. 

Your old cotton jogging bottoms and free gym T-shirt you got given that one time you finished 5K six years ago, sadly won’t cut it. Cotton tends to stay soaking wet (not to mention smell), which means you’ll likely skip your cool down and stretch in favour of hitting the showers sharp-ish. And we all know how important those post-workout stretches are.

How we tested the best gym leggings

We’ve done the part that’s even *harder* than the workout itself, and tested a whole bunch of the best gym leggings from brands like Nike, Adidas, Lululemon, Puma, Reebok and Under Armour. Sounds like the dream job, but we did have to work up an almighty sweat in the process. 

The result is a carefully curated of high waisted gym leggings, gym leggings with pockets, yoga pants and bestsellers for you to wishlist. We’ve got seamless gym leggings, plus size gym leggings, Nike gym leggings, Gymshark leggings, black gym leggings and colour block leggings that’ll look just as great with your sweatshirts at brunch as they will when you’re pounding the pavements.  

Each of the leggings here have been physically sweat-tested by a member of the GLAMOUR UK team. We’ve practised our Sun Salutations in them, relentlessly knocked out burpees, press ups and dumbbell snatches wearing them and even donned them during our weekly food shop. 

Whether we’ve worn them to a Barry’s Bootcamp class or tried them out on our yoga mats at home, these are our favourite sweat-wicking, breathable, squat-proof workout leggings that have become complete wardrobe staples. Perfect for the gym – perfect for WFH. Because gym leggings should offer all-day, everyday wearability.

After more workout content? Head this way for the best sports bra, over here for fitness trackers for women and in this direction for running trainers. We’ve also got edits of hoodies and joggers to pop on once the whole thing is over, protein powder (and vegan protein powder) for a post-workout energy boost and the best reusable water bottles to keep you hydrated. 

Keep scrolling for our full of the best gym leggings to add to your basket in 2022.

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