24 – iOS E-Commerce App

24 – iOS E-Commerce App

Author: GarlicTechnologiesPrice: $89

24 – iOS E-commerce App

Please Note: All though 24 is a fully functioning E-commerce app that allows users to sign up, add to cart, add to wishlist, change their profile picture, set delivery location and checkout all through Firebase, it is not connected to any payment gateway simply because a majority of payment gateways are not supported in a lot of countries. That is one way of making it compatible to all developers around the world. We do offer services of connecting it to your payment getway of choice, send us an email at garlictechnologies@gmail.com for more queries. You can also manage to connect it on your own with our easy to follow offline documentation which shows you what happens when a user checks out.

Admins can edit and publish products within the app itself. They can also hide or show a product to customers at will if a product happens to run out of stock.

You can also change the currency to that one of your choice.

Files included:

  • Main (.swift) Files
  • Pictures
  • Icons
  • Logo
  • Offline Documentation


Note: All images and icons are used for preview only and may not be included in the final purchase pack.

If you have any questions about customisation, please contact me via e-mail or through my profile page. I’ll help you as soon as possible.

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