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21 Wolf Cut Hair Ideas For 2022, Whether You’re Edgy, Cutesy Or Glam

There’s no denying the Wolf Cut is TikTok‘s protege hair trend. Since we first flagged the choppy crop as the cut to watch in May 2021, it’s gone mega viral with over 1.2 billion views. Originally set to the “I’m not gon’ do it… I was just thinking about it” soundtrack, it looks like loads of us “did it” – including celeb stans Miley Cyrus, Billie Eilish and Keke Palmer.

And as the style’s exploded, we’ve seen dozens of renditions that make the wolf cut work whatever your vibe: edgy, chic or glam.

For the uninitiated, we’ve put together everything you need to know before committing to the cut, as well as tons of inspo to get stuck into.

What is a wolf cut?

The wolf cut is an audacious mash-up of two of the most drastic cuts trending right now: the 70s shag and the 80s mullet, brought together in a very modern collab. As its name suggests, the wolf cut is a little wild, thanks to loads of shaggy, wavy disconnected layers that nod to a slight mullet shape since they’re cut shorter around the crown to create volume, with longer layers in the back.

The good news? It can be as ballsy as you like, depending on how short or soft you decide to go with the layers and how mussy you style it. The general jist is to look just the right amount of feral to give the style a relaxed, cool-girl feel, without going so radical that it’s impossible to style. But, we’ve seen it taken in different directions with swooshy girl-next-door curtain fringes, heavy rocker bangs and elfin micro fringes.


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What should you know before getting a wolf cut?

Full disclaimer, it is a commitment, especially if you’re taking the layers quite short around the crown, so it can take a while to grow out. But, it promises months of enviable volume. Or you can create a softer wolf cut with longer layers if you reckon you’ll want to switch it out again before the year’s out.

How to style a wolf cut?

Styling-wise, the cut does a lot of the hard work for you. You might be able to get away with misting in some texturiser and roughing up your hair with your hands. However, just know, if your strands are naturally straight and sleek this won’t be a wash and go situation. “Everyone wants a wolf cut until they realise… ur [sic] hair will be flat unless you style it,” one TikToker called Maddy wrote. So take some time to acquaint yourself with a new routine that works well with your chop.


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Tempted? Here’s all the inspo you need…

1. Wolf cut with a deep mullet

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This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

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