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21 Festival Outfits: The Best Festival Outfits

Summer is upon us, which means that festival season is finally back. Yep, it’s time to dust off our sundresses, crochet trousers and crop tops and get into the spirit.

We love attending concerts and seeing our favourite singers and bands live, but let’s be honest, it’s not only about the music. Festival season is also a fashion affair, which means the search for our the best festival outfits starts now.

Your festival attire should be something you feel comfortable in – as well as being suited for the climate and conditions. It should be expressive, fun, adequately conveying your excitement around attending the event. Another pro-tip? Wear closed-toe shoes that wouldn’t mind getting a little scuffed, because packed crowds and the dirt that covers the festival ground will definitely affect your footwear. Boots or comfortable trainers are the best options.

The festival fashion trends change every year and this year we are seeing some repeats, but also some of our old trends reimagined in new ways. Matching sets will be all the rage and you will definitely see some Euphoria or Y2K-inspired looks. 

Whether you’re a seasoned pro at these events or a total newbie seeking a wild weekend, you’ll be needing some new festival gear – that includes boilersuits, cycling shorts, ‘70s outfits, and halter necks. A tent too, of course, but we’ll let you source that.

’70s fashion is taking the world by storm, so here are the best flared, floral and totally far-out pieces to buy now

Apart from copious amounts of biodegradable glitter (which, by the way, you’ll be finding in various places months after you return home), flavoured gin, snack boxes and hard seltzers you’ll want to take, you’ll also need several different outfits while you’re at a festival. An outfit for each day, plus an outfit for the evening, and probably a couple of spares in case it chucks it down with rain or you get covered in someone’s beer in the middle of a moshpit – both incredibly likely to occur.

Even if you’re creating your own festival at your next garden party, we’ve found 21 of the best festival outfits from the best online clothing stores that’ll make you feel the part. All that’s needed is a festival hair lewk to boot.

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Continue down to our round-up of 21 festival outfits to buy in time for your next event.

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