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21 Best Spinning Bikes To Buy in 2022: Best Spin Bike UK

Sales of the best spinning bikes and exercise bikes for at-home use skyrocketed at the beginning of the pandemic. Spin bike manufacturer Peloton doubled sales between 2019 and 2020, while Wattbike saw a 113% increase in the best exercise bikes in March 2020 alone. And demand for stationary bikes doesn’t show any sign of slowing down.

“Some [spinning bikes], including Echelon, now provide so much more than just an exercise bike” Jama Oliver at Echelon told us. From live and on-demand classes to scenic rides, home exercise bikes serve up the physical benefits of exercise along with the mental health benefits of an engaging community. Yep: spin bikes are in.

But is buying a spin bike worth it? What is the best spinning bike for a beginner? What is the difference between a spin bike and a regular bike? Here’s everything you need to know, according to an expert.

Best spinning bikes at a glance:

What are the benefits of spinning?

“Indoor cycling improves cardiovascular health, can lower blood pressure, reduce blood sugar, and improve sleep,” Jama said. “Regular cycling will boost muscular endurance and tone your lower body and core. Regular exercise has been shown to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, and the community interaction provided by connected fitness equipment helps members feel less isolated.”

This is backed up by research by Medicina, who found that spinning can help you lose excess fat, improve muscle definition, boost your cardio fitness, and reduce your blood pressure. Sold? Sold.

What should I look for in a spinning bike?

Good question. There are 21,100,000 results for spinning bikes on Google right now, so it’s not surprising if you feel a little overwhelmed. Of course, what you’ll need in your spinning bike depends on how advanced a cyclist you are, plus how often you’ll be using your new bike – but there are a few key features to look out for. 

  • First up: the basics. The must-haves. The non-negotiables. Your spin bike should have a brake, flywheel (that’s the front wheel), legs and frame, transport wheels (to move the bike around your home), a drive system (to pedal), an adjustable seat and adjustable handlebars.
  • Make sure to check the height of your bike before ordering and ensure the seat will adjust to your hip height. This is recommended for all riders, whether you’re a beginner or a pro.
  • Get clued up on resistance a little – that’s the force you push against when you’re cycling. Invest in a bike with varying levels of resistance which can be worked through with a manual screw or magnetic resistance. This will ensure your bike provides enough push for a tough workout.
  • Make sure your flywheel is 15kg or more – any less, and your spin bike may not be quite as sturdy as it promises to be in the description. Note here: you can get much cheaper exercise bikes without a front flywheel, but this will impact the amount of resistance you can build up and result in a not-so-difficult full body sweat session.
  • Consider the nice-to-have features that will make your experience that little bit nicer. Do you want a tablet holder so you can catch up on Selling Sunset while you pedal? How important is a water bottle holder to you? How about a touchscreen LCD monitor? And what metrics would you like the LCD display to present? (Think: heart rate monitoring, cadence or watts).
  • Check the reviews, always – the last thing you want to do is spend half of last month’s pay check on a wobbly, creaky bike that ends up gradually collecting dust in the corner of your bedroom.

What is the closest spin bike to a Peloton? 

Echelon Connect 3 Exercise Bike, available from Argos, is similar in that it lets you choose from over fourteen live classes a day. There are thousands of live on-demand workouts, plus access to yoga and stretching sequences. You can even link your fitness tracker to this bike, so it automatically syncs your workouts. Plus, the front flywheel of this bike is 13kg so it won’t wobble one bit. Neat.

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What is the best spin bike to buy? Scroll for our full edit of the best spin bikes of 2022, all price points covered.

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