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19 Best Women’s Purses & Wallets 2022: GLAMOUR Edit

If you’re searching for the best women’s purses, we’ve got you covered. Don’t you love it when fashion and practicality collide? Whether you’re slinging your purse into a supermarket bag for life, co-ordinating a wallet with your handbag and card holder for a night out-out, or packing a basket bag for sunny holidays, GLAMOUR’s edit of the best women’s purses will give you inspiration and plenty of options. 

The humble purse’s relative size is small – compared to a super-sized tote bag, for example – so you may feel more inclined to invest in a more expensive purse from one of our favourite designer brands. If you’re considering cost-per-wear, a designer women’s purse that you use everyday will certainly see you making your money work hard. Although we have plenty of options of high street hits too, of course.

The most accessibly-priced women’s purse in our edit is from H&M, their £6.99 wallet with a shoulder strap comes in on-trend granny smith green or lilac and is ideal for festival season. ASOS have a sweet spot print wallet – or a flame-printed design on a coin purse, both for £8 – while Mango’s hyper-bright wallet with knotted fastener will stand out at the bottom of even the darkest, deepest handbags. It’s always a good idea to choose a light shade or bright colour to save you rummaging around in a dark bag to find a hidden purse.

If you want colour, Bottega Veneta’s woven leather wallet makes as much as a statement as their iconic handbags. With ten card compartments, a zipped icon purse, note section and four additional pockets, you’re getting a lot of space for your purchase. Although the parakeet colour is almost too delicious to keep hidden in your bag… Saint Laurent’s chic taupe toned wallet is accented with an elegant gold logo, ideal if you’re into the neutral aesthetic, while Gucci’s coin purse comes in an adorable heart-shaped design that you can attach to your keys too.

For more from Glamour UK Fashion Director at large Alex Fullerton, follow her on Instagram @alexandrafullerton. 

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