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19 Best Silk Pillowcases: Mulberry Silk Satin Styles To Shop

If the cold weather is making your skin dry out or hair go static (curse you central heating), or you often wake up to bed-head in the morning due to a restless night, silk pillowcases could be the beauty and skincare hack you’ve been looking for. You’ll likely be aware of how beneficial wearing a silk face mask is – especially when it comes to avoiding ‘maskne‘ – but silk can work a treat elsewhere, too. Yep: even when it comes to your bedding.

Granted, there’s nothing better than slipping into clean sheets after relaxing in the tub with a new bath gift set, or indulging in a hair mask… but crisp cotton bed sheets aren’t always the best fabric to go for. 

Cotton is known for its high absorption rate and friction-causing properties and, while that may not sound immediately alarming, as we naturally age our skin’s collagen production levels drop and it loses elasticity. This means that when we put our heads on a cotton pillowcase, even if it’s a high thread count one, creases can form from the pressure between you and the fabric meaning that premature wrinkles can occur – which is concerning when you consider that cotton is the material most bedding is made from.

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If keeping a youthful appearance wasn’t a good enough reason to purchase some seriously soft bedding, silk pillowcases also provide a whole host of benefits for your hair. The fabric, by causing less friction and allowing for free movement, prevents the ruffling of your hair while you catch up on your beauty sleep (goodbye knots) and helps to control sebum production.

For those with greasy hair, this might just be your saving grace. Unlike cotton, which absorbs the scalp’s natural oils and makes it produce more to replenish itself, silk will save you from the tiresome task of washing your hair every day. That’s a win in our book.

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Yes cotton has its crisp-feeling benefits, especially after a refreshing shower, but a silk pillowcase seems to be the way forward. With plenty to choose from on the market though, it’s hard to know exactly which one to go for. 

If you’re an interior fanatic like we are, there’s plenty to consider before purchasing. Firstly, what style will match the rest of your bedroom? Do you prefer the calming effects of a pastel tone or are you more of a fan of bold prints and vibrant colours? Does a tonal paisley design fit your theme, or are florals more your cup of tea? Will you go all out and purchase an entire silk bedding set?

SLIP seems to lead the way with its range of pure mulberry silk pillowcases ensuring you get the most out of your eight hours. There’s also John Lewis’ Ultimate Collection to consider, and a whole host of patterns from MayfairSilk, not forgetting of course The White Company’s Audley design – its border makes it all the more regal.

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Keep scrolling for our top picks of the best silk pillowcases, so you can wake up with luscious hair and smooth skin all winter long.

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