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17 Maternity Gym Leggings: Support And Style

When you’re pregnant, even if you’re not planning on running a marathon, keeping active will help you prepare for b-day. A pair of maternity gym leggings are the best way to help your growing bump be supported, as well as your (swollen) legs. While you might fit into your current gym leggings during the first trimester, by the time you reach the six month mark it could be time to start thinking about investing in a new pair to wear for the rest of your pregnancy and beyond…

Can I exercise during pregnancy?

Once you’ve checked with your GP or midwife to make sure you have been given the all clear, you should be fine to exercise when you’re pregnant. Choose low impact workouts, like yoga or swimming, and steer clear of anything high impact (HIIT) or with extra risk (think skiing, boxing or horse riding.)

What are the benefits of exercising during pregnancy?

It’s actually beneficial to keep your body moving when you’re growing a baby. As with exercise at any time of your life, the endorphins you release will boost your mental health and energy levels and help you sleep better. Choose the right type of workout and you could alleviate pregnancy backache and build muscle strength and tone. You’ll also avoid excess weight gain during pregnancy and exercising has been proven to help ease labour and speed up recovery, too. It’s an all round win-win situation.

We’ve rounded up the 17 best maternity gym leggings. Our #1 tip is to put comfort top of your shopping list. You want to find a style that comes up over your belly and fits closely over your legs. Obviously a pair that’s too tight will be a pain, but light compression over your legs can actually help with varicose veins, which some pregnant women suffer from. They need to have a decent amount of stretch so they’ll stay up without sliding down over your bump. Make sure there is room to grow during the remaining months of your pregnancy, too. Washability, breathability and opacity are also non-negotiable!

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Scroll down to see our edit of the 17 best maternity gym leggings and find your favourites…

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