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17 Best Flower Delivery Services 2022: UK Next-Day Flower Delivery Companies

We’ve tried and tested the best flower delivery services in the UK including Appleyard Flowers, Marks and Spencer flowers and Floommarking them based on delivery, appearance and how well the flowers last. Here’s our pick of the bunch (sorry)…

As we approach Valentine’s Day, AKA when the highest amount of romantic gifting occurs, orders through online flower delivery services skyrocket. In fact, according to Serenata Flowers, there has been a surge of people self-gifting flowers in the past 12 months (over 300% to be exact), proving that #selfcare is more on-trend than ever. We can get behind that.

There are two main reasons: firstly, we all love our online deliveries – flowers included. There’s nothing more satisfying than opening the door to the postman (who, if you’re like us, you’re on first-name terms with by now) and accepting a parcel from you, to you. Last year, Bloom & Wild reported that their customers sent 780k ‘just because’ bouquets, 309k ‘thank you’ bouquets and 342k support bouquets. The trend continues.

Secondly? Research by Bloom & Wild has shown that having flowers in your workspace can lower your heart rate, boost productivity and creativity, and help you feel calmer – so people are going wild on the letterbox flower, dried flower and flower subscription service fronts in a bid to improve their WFH set-ups. With it being rather uninviting outside currently (freezing, to be exact), there’s never been a better time to bring the outdoors in. Especially when it comes to a bunch of Valentine’s Day flowers.

So, whether you’re looking for a gift-to-self to brighten your home or a Galentine’s Day gift idea for your far-away soul sister, here’s everything you need to know about the best flower delivery services to order from in the UK.

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Where to order flowers online

There’s an increasing number of online flower delivery services in the UK now offering next-day, international, same-day or scheduled day delivery, which is a life-saver if you need a last-minute gift for her. Who wouldn’t appreciate a bunch of flowers to add some colour to their work-from-home desk? Exactly. Granted, lots of flower delivery services have fairly similar offerings, so we’ve curated an edit of the very best – highlighting what they’re good for.

So, which online flower service is best?

Floom operates nationwide and their flowers have an almost non-existent carbon footprint, while Bloom & Wild deliver their flowers in a flat, 100% recyclable box which fits through your letterbox (and they’re now offsetting their carbon emissions and maintaining zero waste to landfill). They’re also now offering dried flowers, which are a glorious and more sustainable choice than their fresh counterparts. Appleyard Flowers are best for same-day delivery in London, while Teleflorist are the best flower delivery service for affordability and Arena Flowers are the best flower delivery service for their ethical flower subscription service. It costs £20 per bunch and you can have bouquets delivered to your door weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

  • Best flower delivery service overall: Bloom & Wild
  • Best flower delivery service for free next-day delivery: Serenata Flowers
  • Best flower delivery service for letterbox flowers: Bloom & Wild
  • Best flower delivery service for a low carbon footprint: Floom
  • Best flower delivery service in London: Appleyard Flowers
  • Best flower delivery service on a budget: Teleflorist
  • Best flower delivery service for Sunday delivery: M&S
  • Best flower delivery service for house plants & hampers: Bunches
  • Best flower delivery service for same-day delivery: Flowerstation
  • Best flower subscription service: Serenata Flowers

Who has the cheapest flower delivery?

Teleflorist is probably the cheapest flower delivery service of them all. Elsewhere, Serenata Flowers have a great selection of under £30 bouquets and Bloom & Wild’s letterbox flowers start from just £23.

How do I keep my flowers alive for a long time?

What’s the point in spending upwards of £25 on a beautiful bouquet if it’s not going to last? Here are our tips for keeping your flowers alive for a long time once you’ve placed an order.

  1. First and foremost, change the water once every few days. If your vase is plastic or metal (more on that later), try to change your water once daily. Not sure when the water is ready to be changed? It’ll go cloudy.
  2. Always fill your vase up with cold water. Not warm water.
  3. Similarly, store them out of direct sunlight. Warm water and bright sunshine encourage flowers to bloom earlier, meaning they’ll have a shorter life span and last for less time.
  4. Trim the stems once every couple of days so they can soak up the nutrients in the water.
  5. Did your bouquet come with plant food? Don’t forget about it!
  6. Put your flowers in a glass vase. Glass helps keep flowers looking better for longer than plastic and metal do, because plastic and metal encourage faster multiplication of bacteria.

Why should you buy seasonal flowers?

Many of the best flower delivery services will boast that they only deliver seasonal flowers, which is great. But why? In short, out-of-season flowers will have much smaller heads than in-season flowers will, which bloom much larger. So it’s for aesthetic reasons, really, but important all the same. 

Where to buy Valentine’s Day flowers?

The good news is that nearly all of your fave flower delivery services have Valentine’s Day bouquets (think red roses, pink lilies and springs of aromatic eucalyptus):

Best friend gifts to celebrate your long distance or nearby bestie – whether it’s her birthday or ‘just because’

If you want to gift them with a more permanent fixture, head this way for the best indoor plants, over here for hanging plants and in this direction for artificial flowers. We’ve also got the best low-light plants for the darker rooms in your home.

Without further ado, here our full edit of the best flower delivery services in the UK to brighten your home.

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