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16 Best Condoms 2022 – Mirror Online

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably on the hunt for the best condoms, right? With Valentine’s Day on the horizon and socialising season upon us – it’s always good to practice safe sex.

Sure, they can be a bit of a ‘mood ruiner’, and make you feel numb or lack feeling once on – but they are great at protecting you from pregnancy and of course, sexually transmitted diseases.

Now should you struggle to get one on or find the idea weird, never fear as some sex experts advise using lube to help – and it makes the experience more enjoyable, easier and a bit more sexy!

Luckily for you, we’ve got a shopping gallery of the best lubes of 2022 to enhance your sex life – and get in the mood.

We’ve also enlisted expert advice from Lindsay Forbes, Wellness Category Manager for Durex, to help us, help you pick the right condom when it comes to buying them – ready for when you are.

From finding the perfect fit and size, how to make them feel sexy and the different types on the market right now – we’ve got all the answers below.

Durex Thin Feel Extra Lubricated Condoms

Why add extra lubricant when you can use a condom already soaked in moisturising product? Durex Thin Feel Extra Lubricated Condoms are similar to regular Durex Thin Feel Condoms, but they are supplied extra-lubricated – making them perfect for combating vaginal dryness or adding slickness for rewarding anal sex.

Only 0.055mm thick yet incredibly strong, this is the next-generation condom that provides maximum intimacy and ultimate safety.

Durex Thin Feel Extra Lubricated Condoms are easy and comfortable to roll on. An anatomical shape ensures a perfect fit that will not slide off during intercourse. The condom allows for a natural and ample range of movement without creating an unpleasant sensation of constriction.

These condoms are tasteless and odourless, perfect for all types of sex. Say goodbye to that nasty latex smell whilst your partner won’t be bothered by any artificial flavours during oral sex.

The product is made from natural rubber latex and is silicone lubricated for reduced friction and maximum comfort during intercourse. It is suitable for people with sensitive skin. A specially designed flared tip prevents condom breakage.

From £

9.99 for 12

WooWoo Real Feel Condoms

WooWoo Real Feel Condoms are designed to get as close to that skin-on-skin feeling as you possibly can while still staying safe.

Whether it’s your first rodeo or you’re a seasoned pro, the best sex a girl can practise is safe sex. If you hear things like ‘I’m too big’, ‘I won’t feel anything’ or ‘Trust me, I’m clean’, remember that you’re entitled to say no.

Condoms protect you from unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections. It’s a no brainer!

From £

9.99 for 12


Hanx Ultra-Thin Vegan Condoms

Say hello to the sleek, chic and discreet range of condoms from Hanx.

Designed with women at the forefront, Hanx condoms come in shelfie‐worthy packaging that you’ll be proud to show off.

Kind to you AND the environment, these revolutionary condoms are made from Fair Rubber and 100% natural fair trade latex that biodegrades in your compost. And they’re certified Vegan!

Endorsed by medical professionals and approved by gynaecologists, these Hanx condoms come in a great value 10‐pack for all the fun you want with your long-term fling!

From £

12.99 for 10


16 Best Condoms 2022

Durex Extended Pleasure Condoms

Durex Extended Pleasure Condoms

Durex Extended Pleasure Condoms are the perfect condom for those who want to boost their sexual performance and delay ejaculation. They are important for premature ejaculation or partners who need longer, more careful stimulation.

Designed to deliver prolonged pleasure, Durex Extended Pleasure Condoms contain a drop of Benzocaine (5%) inside the condom.

This substance is a mild anaesthetic that has a numbing effect on the glans. By delaying ejaculation, you will have plenty of time to pamper your partner without worrying about unsatisfactory performance. A layer of lubricant on the exterior also enhances slickness, boosting the pleasure for your partner.

Buy now from, £9.99 for 12

Superdrug Regular Condoms

Superdrug Regular Condoms, £9.99 for 12 at Superdrug

This comfortable, shaped fit will help you keep the passion going – and hopefully keep your spontaneous vibe alive.

They are a shaped condom – for easy application and comfort, premium lubricated for gliding comfort, and have a reservoir tip for additional protection.

Buy now from Superdrug, £9.99 for 12

MY.SIZE Pro 64mm Condoms

MY.SIZE Pro 64mm Condoms, £9.99 for 10 at

MY.SIZE Pro 64mm Condoms are the extra-large condoms from the famous MY.SIZE brand. Featuring a smooth, silky texture and ultra-thin walls, they deliver skin-on-skin like pleasure between you and your partner.

At 64mm wide and 223mm long, MY.SIZE Pro 64mm Condoms are amongst the biggest condoms on the market. Lightly lubricated with a silicone-based lube, these condoms will have you feeling closer to your partner like never before. Extra lube may be added if required, to reduce friction and enhance pleasure whenever natural lubrication is insufficient.

Designed for a comfortable fit, these condoms feel like a second skin. The product has an anatomical design with straight walls and a flared teat end.

Buy now from, £9.99 for 10

Fair Squared Original Condoms

Fair Squared Original Condoms, £10.95 for 10 at Planet Organic

Keep it simple when it comes to protection with these transparent condoms from Fair Squared. Made from fair traded, natural rubber latex with a nominal width of 52 mm.

Buy now from Planet Organic, £10.95 for 10

Lelo Hex Original Condoms

Lelo Hex Original Condoms, £16.90 at FeelUnique

Meet HEX, the re-engineered condom from the world leaders in luxury pleasure, LELO.

It represents one of the biggest advances in condom technology for over 70 years, due to a unique design that’s inspired by the hexagonal structure of graphene – the strongest, thinnest structure known to science.

The shaft of the HEX condom is composed of 350 small hexagons that have thick walls and ultra-thin panels.

Buy now from FeelUnique, £16.90 for 12

Superdrug Ultra Thin Condoms

Superdrug Ultra Thin Condoms, £6.99 for 12 at Superdrug

These condoms from Superdrug offer a close and natural feeling for ultimate intimacy experience.

They are also 30% thinner than Superdrug’s standard condoms.

The Superdrug Ultra Thin Condoms have been premium lubricated for gliding comfort, have a reservoir tip for additional protection, and a parallel condom design.

Buy now from Superdrug, £9.99 for 12

Skins Dots & Ribs

Skins Dots & Ribs, £5.70 for 30 at FeelUnique

Skins Dots & Ribs condoms are described as the best natural condom you can buy.

Skins are a revolutionary new condom that feels just like the real thing, that’s why they are called Skins, they are as close to your natural skin as it can possibly be – this means your are closer to your partner and have a more natural sensation.

Buy now from FeelUnique, £5.70 for 30

FLO XO! Righteous Rubber Condoms Hi-Sensation

FLO XO! Righteous Rubber Condoms Hi-Sensation, £9.99 for six at FeelUnique

Discover ease and comfort with the FLO XO! Righteous Rubber Condoms with Hi-Sensation.

Crafted from sustainably-sourced, plant-based agroforestry latex, the condoms are formulated to promote safer pleasure-seeking while also being kinder to the planet.

Featuring ribbed and dotted condoms, the pack is designed to offer expert protection for your intimate moments, helping you find the perfect fit.

100% free from parabens, nitrosamines or glycerin.

Buy now from LookFantastic, £9.99 for six

Pasante Regular Latex Condoms

Pasante Regular Latex Condoms, £5.99 for 12 at Lovehoney

A classic condom from the number 1 brand in the NHS.

Shaped for comfort and a natural feel, each latex condom is teat-ended for a fantastic fit and peace of mind.

Non-spermicidally lubricated.

Buy now from Lovehoney, £5.99 for 12

Mates SKYN Extra Lubricated Condoms (Non-Latex)

Mates SKYN Extra Lubricated Condoms (Non-Latex), £11 for 10 at Boots

SKYN condoms are made from polyisoprene, a scientifically formulated new non-latex material that provides a softer, more natural feel and are clinically proven to enhance sensation.

Combines the strength of premium latex with the sensitivity of an ultra thin condom for the SKYN to SKYN sensation. 40% extra long-lasting, ultra smooth lubricant gives maximum comfort and enhances the experience.

Each condom is electronically tested to meet the highest safety and reliability standards.

This product does not contain natural rubber latex and is a suitable choice for individuals with a known or suspected allergy to natural rubber latex.

Buy now from Boots, £11 for 10

Boots Ultra Safe Condoms

Boots Ultra Safe Condoms, £6.99 for 12 at Boots

Boots Ultra Safe Condoms are slightly thicker – for extra reassurance when using with your partner.

These are non-spermicidally lubricated condoms with reservoir.

They come in a 52mm, which is a nominal width.

Buy now from Boots, £6.99 for 12

Fair Squared Ultra Thin Condoms

Fair Squared Ultra Thin Condoms, £10.95 for 10 at Planet Organic

These u ltra thin, transparent condoms are made from fair traded natural rubber latex with a nominal width of 52 mm.

Buy now from Planet Organic, £10.95 for 10

Durex Naturals Condoms

Durex Naturals Condoms, £14.99 for 12 at Durex

Durex Naturals Condoms are intended for her in mind, coated with a water-based lubricant made from 98% natural origin ingredients for a natural feeling.

Made with a gentle formula, designed for her for a smooth experience during anal, oral and vaginal sex. Easy-on, teat ended, smooth shape.

The Naturals Condoms rom Durex have the same thinness as Durex Thin Feel Classic Condoms and are free from artificial colourants and flavours.

They are also dermatologically tested!

Buy now from Durex, £14.99 for 12

Why is buying condoms that are the right fit so important?

No two penises are the same; they come in all shapes and sizes. Luckily, so do condoms! Durex condoms are all designed to accommodate different penis sizes and will stretch to fit different lengths and widths, leaving a little extra room at the tip to allow for ejaculation. However, Durex has condoms for all sizes, with standard, large and XL ranges available.

If a condom is too long, it will roll up the shaft during intercourse, which may leave the condom hanging off the penis. Not only does this make the condom ineffective but it can also ruin the moment when you have to stop and remove it.

If a condom is too short, the ring which sits around the base of the condom could snap during intercourse, which can result in the condom being pulled off or tearing. Once again, this can result in the effectiveness of the condom being diminished and can increase the risk of STI transmission.

If a condom is too loose, you risk the chance of the condom falling off during intercourse, which in turn increases the chances of pregnancy and STIs. If a condom is fitted correctly, however, it should remain intact until removed.

If a condom is too tight, it can not only cause great discomfort, but risks the condom tearing during intercourse. Finding a condom that fits correctly can massively influence its effectiveness, so you’d be silly not to find the right one for you.

How to make condoms feel sexy

Condoms can add a playful and sexy dimension to your intimate moments; all you need is some practice and confidence! Not only do they protect against STIs and pregnancy, but they can also aid pleasure and add lubrication. Experiment with different types of condoms to find the right one for you, because the perfect condom size leads to safer and more pleasurable sex for everyone!

How to find the right size for you

Durex has a really simple tool on pack to help you navigate size and fit, with three questions we ask:

  • How wide? If you feel that your condom always slips off or feels baggy, you could look at a narrower option such as Durex Invisible Extra Sensitive Condoms, which have a nominal width of 52mm, as opposed to 56mm (the width of many Durex condoms). Or perhaps you feel that every condom you try always feels too tight. Durex Comfort XL are extra-large condoms with a width of 57mm that have been designed to be comfortable and better accommodate those of you who need it. Know how wide you need your condom to be? Simply look for the ‘How Wide’ icon displayed with every pack and select the right width for you.
  • How thin? Just as important as condom width is condom thickness. It really is up to you to find your perfect condom size rather than just buying the first pack you see. It’s so important to experience lots of different condoms and lubes and find the ones that feel good to you – remember, when it fits right, it feels right, helping you to have the best experience with your partner. On Durex packs, you can simply look for the ‘How Thin’ navigators to get the perfect thinness for you.
  • How smooth? Condom smoothness refers to the lubrication of your condom. Durex condoms come pre-lubricated, some of them are extra lubricated, meaning that as soon as you open the pack and safely put your condom on, you are ready to get down to business. Ready to explore the world of pre-lubricated condoms? Simply look for the ‘How Smooth’ navigators onsite or on our condom packs to guide your way.

Different types of condoms

There are condoms to suit everyone, and as the number one selling condom brand globally, we know the types of condoms that will help you find your sexual satisfaction. Whether you’re looking for thin condoms, extra safe condoms or latex-free, our on-pack navigational icons are there to help you find your perfect fit because when it fits right, it feels right. If you’re still unsure on which condom to buy, take the Durex ‘Find My Condom’ quiz to find the perfect condom for you.

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