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15 Rattan Bed Frames 2022: Bohemian Bed Frames

Rattan bed frames need no introduction, but – seeing as they’re experiencing something of a revival lately – we’ll treat you to one, anyway. To put it plainly: rattan bed frames are bed frames constructed from err, rattan, which refers to a quick-growing type of vine that is typically found in tropical jungles. They can also be made using polyethylene, which basically means it’s made using plastic and tends to last longer.

We’re genuinely not being dramatic when we say that a good bed frame can really upgrade your sleep (and your life in general). Whether you want to slump into a low platform bed after a hard day of general existence or if you prefer a statement headboard to serve as a backdrop for those all-important late-night selfies.

If you’re looking for the latter, rattan headboards are the easiest way to inject a bit of bohemian mystery into your abode. They’ve got a wholesome, traditional quality, which you can effortlessly accessorise to your heart’s content. 

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You can’t deny that rattan bed frames are one of the most versatile furniture options out there. As multiple influencers have shown, they work with almost any interior design scheme. Whether you want to layer them in symmetrical, Scandi-style pillows, or coordinate them with your ever-burgeoning house plant collection, there’s certainly a rattan bed frame for you. 

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This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

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This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

Picture the scene: sunlight is streaming in through the window, you’re nestled between several throw blankets, as you smell the fresh air from your essential oil diffuser. As one influencer (above) shows, the scene is made all the sweeter with the addition of a stylish rattan bed frame. Pup sadly not included. 

So where can you find the very best rattan bed frame? Well, as is often the case, Urban Outfitters is an excellent place to start. Consider us utterly besotted with their Canopy Rattan Bed Frame, which – with its four-poster design – is perfectly suited to the romantics among you. We’re also ~intrigued~ by their Canoga Rattan Bed with its cage detailing – not to mention the reviews praising it for being “sturdy.”  

Nip over to and you’ll find the Nadja Double Bed, made from natural cane and featuring retro curved legs, as well as the Ankhara King Size Bed, which is made from oak and rattan. It’s also available in cool grey, vintage gold, and black. 

Ready for more sleep content? Let’s get you started with the very best bed frames to transform your bedroom. Once you’ve decided on a centrepiece, it’s time to choose from the best affordable mattresses, mattress protectors, duvets, bed sheets, weighted blankets and body pillows. Having friends over? Time to invest in a sofa bed. Oh, and why not treat yourself to some luxury pyjamas while you’re here? Go on, then. 

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