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15 Best Boyfriend Jeans To Buy Now

Try as we might to fall back in love with ‘proper clothes’ again, we’re still somewhat missing the looseness of our loungewear. Don’t get us wrong, deciding what to wear to work is the highlight of our week now we’re not WFH seven days a week, but sometimes our trousers and blazers are a little too tight for comfort. A happy medium, we’ve found, is boyfriend jeans.

How else will a pair benefit your wardrobe, you ask? High-waisted jeans are often reserved for the evening (for that jeans-and-a-nice-top scenario), mom jeans for shopping trips, straight-leg jeans for a smart-casual look and low-rise jeans when we’re channelling our inner Christina Aguilera circa early-2000’s. If ever you’ve wanted to perfect the borrowed-from-the-boys look (i.e. slouchy and effortless), then a pair of boyfriend jeans is exactly what you need to achieve it.

Mom jeans are still reigning supreme when it comes to denim trends, so here are the best to shop now

A rather divisive cut, boyfriend jeans might not be your first choice when browsing for new denim. However, they genuinely suit everyone, and for that reason, we’re predicting boyfriend jeans to be a strong contender throughout 2022. Take inspiration from Hailey Beiber‘s wardrobe and pair yours with an oversized shirt for the full laid-back effect and you’re onto a winner.

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What are boyfriend jeans?

A wardrobe staple, boyfriend jeans are differentiated from other cuts with their overall loose fitting, slouchy and relaxed cut. No, they’re not just tall jeans. Yes, essentially they look as if you stole a pair of your other half’s jeans and nonchalantly threw them on.

How do I style boyfriend jeans?

If you don’t know how to style them, boyfriend jeans can look messy and swamp your frame. But with the right fit and styling, they’ll quickly become an off-duty staple. Boyfriend jeans and a white T-shirt are an effortless weekend look, but if a masculine look isn’t 100% your vibe you could always pair them with a tighter fitting top, too. Versatile. 

What are the best boyfriend jeans?

For a true boyfriend jean style, go for a distressed pair like these GRLFRND jeans or this light-washed Bershka pair. They might not be office-appropriate, but you’ll get endless wear on off-duty days. Elsewhere, brands like Rag & Bone and Saint Laurent fit the boyfriend jean narrative with their edgey undertones – take this light denim pair and this turned-up hem pair.

And since we’re always looking for a pair of jeans to suit evening occasions, we’re snapping up this pair of metallic boyfriend jeans from The Attico before they sell out.

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The best jeans for women to buy now and wear forever, for every budget and style

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