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13 Best Packing Cubes 2022: Travel Packing Cubes to Shop

There’s no doubt about it: packing cubes rule the travel accessories roost. Whether you’re a season jet-setter or you prefer to keep things to a few weekend breaks per year, packing is the worst part of any trip. That is, unless, you’re the proud owner of a set of packing cubes. Quite honestly? Investing in Away’s cute AF compression packing cubes was the best packing tip I *ever* received. 

Designed to keep the contents of your suitcase organised within an inch of its life, the best packing cubes make packing, unpacking and storing dirty clothes a breeze. Firstly, they keep everything in your luggage separate – which actually means you don’t have to waste time unpacking when you arrive at your hotel. Simply lift the cubes out of your suitcase one by one and you’re good to go. 

Whether you like to roll or fold your clothes, packing cubes will keep your socks, cotton underwear and bikinis away from your t-shirts, summer dresses and toiletries. You can even pick up large packing cubes designed especially for your shoes.

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If that wasn’t enough, packing cubes will help you save space in your suitcase – and since you can buy up to seven-piece-sets comprised of small, medium cubes and larger pouches, you can mix and match depending on whether you’re taking a hand luggage carry-on or a larger cabin case.

Today, the best packing cubes come in a variety of colours and different sizes, so they’ll remaining in-keeping with the rest of your stylish belongings. Look for high-quality packing cubes crafted from breathable mesh – or with mesh tops – to avoid your clothes wrinkling, and make a beeline for anything water resistant. It’ll make life *so* much easier if the contents or your toiletry bag decides to spill. 

Best packing cubes at a glance:

Scroll for our full edit of the best packing cubes to add to your checkout for 2022 travels.

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