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11 Best Room Dividers & Room Screens

We’ve had little choice but to adapt to our home situations over the last two years, with dining room tables turning into office desks from 9am – 5pm, bedroom chairs becoming office chairs, and sofas being the dedicated ‘break room’ come lunchtime. With that, the age of privacy has pretty much died a death. Gone are the days of escaping to another room for some quiet time – they’re now all occupied by flatmates, family members and partners on stressy Zoom calls.

There may be a solution, though: the room divider. A nifty, free-standing piece of furniture that’s actually pretty practical when you’re craving some space, a room divider (also known as room screens and partitions) is the next interior purchase you need to make.

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Room dividers originated from Eastern cultures and are often ornately decorated, displayed as artwork in living spaces. Nowadays they’re used to separate areas or make large rooms feel a little cosier – i.e. they’re ideal for creating a home office in the corner of the sitting room.

If you have a smaller room, it’s wise to opt for lighter-coloured room dividers or ones that feature gaps to create a clear partition that doesn’t overwhelm a space or make things feel claustrophobic. Something like this Branch Room Divider from Maisons du Monde or this Three Panel Room Divider from Wayfair is perfect – they both allow light through while still providing a distinct separation.

Larger rooms that need a space filled will benefit from patterned or textured room dividers, such as this floral design from Amazon, this antiquated canvas style from Cox & Cox or this Modern Artistry Room Divider from Etsy. Either one of them will lend a focal point to the space that isn’t your standard wall art or funky coffee table.

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Find our top 11 picks for room dividers below.

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