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10 Luxury Hosiery Brands You Need To Know About

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Sturdy stockings or tights can be quite hard to come by, which is why it pays to invest in high-quality ones. Here are 10 luxury hosiery brands that you should check out!

Looking for high-quality tights, stockings, or socks? We’ve got ten places for you to start –– some names you’ve heard of, and some you’re sure to hear more about.

But ALL of these fantastic and fashionable options cater to those with an eye for style, substance, and comfort. Check out our list of the must-have names in hosiery excellence. 

The Best Luxury Hosiery Brands

1. Falke

Established in Germany as a knitting mill in 1895, Falke is now a globally recognized retail brand that continues to manufacturer some of the finest-quality tights, knitted socks, and hosiery products for women and men for a fairly affordable price, making this brand the top option for stunning black tights.

A fixture of fashion editorials, Falke stockings can be seen in countless publications –– from French Vogue to i-D to Dazed & Confused –– reinforcing the brand’s status as a go-to for generations of style-savvy individuals. 

Start with: Falke Pure Matt 50 Denier Tights, $35

2. Wolford

This luxury hosiery brand is one you’ve surely heard of. The iconic Wolford brand, consisting of fancy hosiery made exclusively in Europe since the early 1950s, has been around for decades but recently reached more mainstream shoppers after a ringing endorsement from Kate Middleton. Since then, their durable, light-weight inventory has been flying off shelves.

Being a favorite of royalty, the products don’t come cheap since they’re also made with the highest quality materials. But they are built to last and come in a variety of shades, colors, and styles: one of the most popular designs is the brand’s sheer, seamless toe––perfect for pairing with peep-toed shoes. 

Start with: Wolford Satin de Luxe Opaque Tights, $75

3. Sheertex

Billed as “the world’s toughest” pantyhose and tights, leading brand Sheertex’s products more than live up to their reputation.

Guaranteed strong and sustainably made for all shapes and sizes (many items feature inclusive sizing up to 3XL), shoppers have been snapping up the brand’s durable and unbelievably comfortable tights, sheer stockings, and socks since its founding just over three years ago. 

Best of all, Sheertex hosiery products are made with high-quality materials and they come with a 30-day worry-free guarantee: no rips, snags, or tears, or your money back. No wonder the polymer fibers that go into the making of some of their most popular products were named one of TIME’s Best Inventions. 

Start with: Sheertex Classic Sheer Tights, $126

4. Heist

Get these tights on Heist
Sheer tights from Heist
Get these tights on Heist

A game-changer in hosiery since 2015, Heist continues to push the boundaries of smart, forward-thinking design with their use of sustainable and eco-friendly materials (typically recycled yarns instead of single-use plastics) in order to create ultra-comfortable and sleek stockings and tights that give the illusion of long legs.

From basic sheer panel pantyhose with built-in adaptive waists for great hold-ups to hand-sewn woolen garments (they’ve even got a popular shapewear line), you can count on Heist to bring you to any event in affordable style.

Start with: Heist The Sustainable Sixty, $47

5. Dries Van Noten 

Belgian design virtuoso, Dries Van Noten, is the third generation in a large family of tailors. So, needless to say, style and fit are synonymous with his ultra-modern brand of men’s and women’s fashion. Many of the patterns featured in his hosiery line are equally minimal but no less comfortably chic.

Sheer nylon jersey and elasticized waistbands are a common feature, while the brand logo is typically tucked discreetly into the stomach panel for those who prefer a more modest designer declaration.

Van Noten has famously partnered with FOGAL in order to meld durable materials with serious sartorial flare. 

Start with: Dries Van Noten Black FOGAL Edition Nylon Tights, $47

Luxury Fashion Houses That Produce Tights

1. Gucci

The House of Gucci is experiencing a renaissance at the moment, but it has always been a fashion benchmark for glamour, style, and sophistication. And this applies equally to their accessories and hosiery line.

Typical designs feature stretch stockings in nylon tulle with elasticized waistbands, and often in the signature Gucci brown wash for a truly unique finish to any outfit.   

The GG Supreme logo stockings are easily the most recognizable and popular designs within the Gucci hosiery collection––so much so, locations often run out of inventory as quickly as they’re refilled. When you find them, be sure to grab them! 

Start with: Gucci Beige GG Supreme Tights, $310

2. Fendi

A logo treatment like no other, Fendi’s iconic asymmetrical dueling Fs have long been a status symbol when emblazoned across handbags, scarves, and other small accessories.

But one of the ultimate style callouts is the popular all-over moniker embroidered and woven throughout sheer panel stockings and socks in muted beiges and greys. Playful and feminine, but characteristically comfortable and durable: that’s the House of Hosiery at Fendi.

Start with: Fendi Logo Embroidered Socks, $150

3. Balenciaga

Famous for bold and bright colors, plush streetwear, and chunky unisex footwear, Balenciaga can also lay claim as an authority on sleek and comfortable hosiery.

Branded tights in semi-sheer stretch nylon have been a favorite of supermodels and super-moms alike, while the courtly and colorful BALENCIAGA logo sewn into woolen socks paired with sneakers has always been a hit with up-and-coming style purveyors. The options for outfit pairings at Balenciaga are endless.

Start with: Balenciaga Black Velvet Logo-Print Tights, $275

4. Prada

Miuccia Prada’s expert take on minimalism has garnered her and her famed, family-owned fashion house millions of followers. So, it makes sense that that same high-quality approach to simplicity should translate so seamlessly to hosiery.

Prada socks, luxury tights, and stockings are some of the most iconic accessories on today’s runways and sidewalks, but they are also incredibly comfortable, not to mention understated complementary garments for just about any skirt or dress. Sumptuously soft nylons and ribbed woolen socks make the perfect addition to any ensemble.

Start with:Prada Stripe-Detail Silk Tights, $655

5. Saint Laurent 

Sophistication and style are the pillars of this iconic fashion house’s output. Historically, legs have been at the forefront of many of Saint Laurent’s runways, with stockings paired with short skirts and oversized women’s blazers and leather jackets.

This common thread means that considerable attention is paid to the construction of their hosiery products, before being injected with a sense of personality that makes Saint Laurent so easily recognizable. From opaque nylons in all-over polka dots to sheer black vertical striping, you won’t find a pair of tights that are as stunning as this one.

Start with:Saint Laurent Dotted Voile Tights, $240

We hope you found your pick from this list of luxury hosiery brands! If you’re still looking for more fashion inspiration, check the posts down below.

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