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10 Best Shoe Colors To Wear With A Grey Dress

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Got a grey dress but don’t know the right shoes to pair it with? If so, this guide will show you what color shoes to wear with a grey dress.

Grey is slowly becoming a favorite color among women when it comes to formal wear because of its elegance and class.

Just scroll through all of the bridesmaid-related hashtags on Instagram and you’ll know why: a lot of brides this year (and the past few years, actually) prefer the sophistication of grey dresses on their wedding day. It doesn’t grab a lot of attention, but it complements the bride’s white gown beautifully.

With all of this newfound love for grey, it can leave women wondering: what color shoes would work best with this gorgeous, understated color?

There are a lot of different colors that can match with grey, and what color you choose to wear is up to you and your mood. When deciding what shade of shoes to wear with your dress, there’s no need to go crazy and be overly creative.

As you might have guessed, there are some pretty standard shoe colors that will work well with your grey outfit. However, as it is a neutral color, you can go a little color-crazy in your shoe selection too.

The first thing that we want to mention is that there are different shades of grey, and some shoe colors might work with one shade but not with others.

In this article, we’ll discuss most of these concerns so you can pick the best color shoes to wear with your grey dress or your grey outfit!

What Color Shoes To Wear With A Grey Dress

1. Black Shoes

Black shoes look great with a grey dress, or any dress for that matter! They are perfect for formal settings and go well with any outfit.

Black and grey are both neutral colors, so if you’re looking for a formal color to go with your look, then black is a very good choice to go with. You can also add a thin black belt to cinch your waist.

This shoe color does well with both light grey and darker grey outfits. If you’re going to a wedding as a guest in a grey dress when we suggest a pair of sleek, black strappy heels.

If you’re going to a night out during winter in a grey bodycon dress, then you should definitely consider black thigh-high boots to keep things edgy and adventurous.

2. Blush Shoes

Blush shoes or soft pink shoes would go so well with grey dresses, especially lighter shades of grey. Both are understated colors that go beautifully when paired together.

This is a popular choice of footwear during weddings since blush looks dainty, without grabbing too much attention.

If you’re going for a feminine, chic look, wear your light grey dress with a pair of light pink shoes.

3. Red/Burgundy Shoes

Red shoes or burgundy shoes are gorgeous when paired with grey outfits and grey dresses. Grey and red, as well as burgundy, complement each other very well.

There are different shades of red, but we recommend going for a darker shade like burgundy as this gives off an edgy vibe. To complete your entire look, top it all off with a black leather jacket!

For a cute look this fall and winter season, wear your grey turtleneck sweater dress with a gorgeous pair of burgundy croc-print, thigh-high boots. Now you’re a fashion icon!

4. Light Blue Shoes

Like blush shoes, soft blue shoes also go well with grey since both are understated colors. This is a favorite among bridesmaids, since grey dresses are trendy for weddings these days. When paired together, both will give off a soft look that’s very feminine!

These baby blue shoes go well with both light and dark grey dresses – but we recommend pairing this with light grey!

5. Hot Pink Shoes

Grey and hot pink look so, so good when paired together. Sure, it’s an unexpected combination, but fuchsia, magenta and grey actually complement each other well.

If you want an adventurous and playful pop of color to an otherwise monochromatic outfit, then you can’t go wrong with a gorgeous pair of hot pink high heels!

Hot pink shoes are work great with both lighter and darker colors of grey. For an extra pop of color, match your shoes to your lipstick and nails!

6. White Shoes

White shoes can look great with a grey dress! If you’re wearing an all-grey outfit, then white sneakers would be the perfect choice. If you want to play it safe, then this is a great choice for both casual looks and formal looks.

For a casual outfit, it’s always best to go with a sleek pair of white sneakers. Dainty white high heels are also a good choice if you’re going as a bridesmaid with a grey dress.

7. Nude Shoes

Another great color that goes well with your grey dress is nude or beige because these colors compliment each other so nicely without standing out too much.

As we’ve previously mentioned, nude shoes or skin tone shoes give the illusion of longer legs, which is why they’re the perfect pair of shoes to go with a grey skirt, grey dress, or even grey dress pants.

They’re also gorgeous to wear with a grey suit if you’re going for that #GirlBoss look. To top it all off, bring a matching purse with you!

8. Silver Shoes

Grey and silver are both a classic combination. Metallic shoes also double as a form of an accessory since they are designed to get attention thanks to their shimmer.

So if you have a simple and plain grey dress, then you can play around with metallic shoes that are bedazzled with crystals. Silver shoes are also a popular bridal choice.

9. Champagne Shoes

We are head over heels with champagne shoes – they are gold’s more toned down, understated cousin.

Champagne shoes are classy, elegant, sophisticated – all that you need for a formal event. They also pair beautifully with grey dresses, but more so with lighter grey shades.

10. Tan/Brown Shoes

Last but not least, one of the best colors to wear with a grey dress is brown, especially during fall-time. It’s neither too light nor too dark and it works especially well if you’re wearing an outfit without many colors or patterns in it. Brown is a great option for casual styles of dresses.

We hope you found this style guide helpful! If you’re still looking for more fashion inspo, check the posts down below.

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